Plush Bath Towels

Plush Bath Towels

These bath towels are made by the last few families in Turkey that still employ a traditional looping technique on the loom.

They take several days to make. These labor-intensive towels have a strength and integrity that cannot be matched by their factory counterparts. Your will notice the selvedge edge which is the telltale signature of a loom woven piece.  While these towels are functional and luxurious, they are also beautiful and generous in size for use as a throw on a chair, sofa, or bed.

Many towels on the market are treated with chemicals to make them soft and absorbent. Out towels are not only made from organic cotton, but they have never been treated with any chemicals to” speed up the absorbency process”. We suggest that you soak your towels in cold water for 24 hours before the first use to “teach” the cotton to absorb water. If you are unable to soak the towel before using, it may take several washes before reaching proper absorbency levels. We do not recommend the use of fabric softener, as it coats the fibers for “softness”, but  ultimately lessens the inherent absorbent properties of the cotton.  The life of these towels is 20 years when put in the dryer and extended to 30 years if hung to dry.

You will find these towels absorb and release moisture so effectively that they do not impart that damp or musty odor. Measurement: Face Cloth: 12 x 12in.; Hand Towel :20 x 39in.;  Bath Towel: 38 x 66in. ; Patchwork & Brown Stripe: 40 x 70in. ; Colorful Stripe: 34 x 62in.