My Turkish Textiles was born out of a desire to bring quality pestemals and other hand woven products to the U.S. and to support  an art and way of life that was becoming close to extinct.

Turkey has a long history of producing fine quality cotton towels, but with the advent of mechanized production, weaving on traditional old-style looms was losing its place in the market to the factories.

The machines used today have not only eliminated the handmade feeling that the looms impart but have put these artisans, their livelihood, and their time-tested methods at risk of vanishing.  We aim to support nine families of weavers in the South and Southeast of Turkey who are creating useful, beautiful, and eco-friendly pieces. Their cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and is 100% organic.

Through your interest and support, this current and future generation of weavers will have a chance to continue their age-old cultural tradition and to gain appreciative collectors of their fine work.


Gratefully Yours, Tricia